Bhutanese Arhat Set

This set of 11 Bhutanese thangkas featuring the Buddha Shakyamuni, the 16 Arhats, the 2 Companions (Hva Shang & Dharmatala) and the 4 Guardians is included in the travelling exhibition, The Dragon's Gift: the Sacred Arts of Bhutan, and is included in the accompanying catalogue as no.17. [1]

The figure of the Buddha Shakyamuni occupies the central thangka, with 5 paintings, each depicting a pair of arhats, or one of the two companions, on either side.

Left set of thangkas


Right set of thangkas


First thangka on the left: Arhats Angaja (Yanlag 'byung) and Ajita (Maphampa)


Second thangka on the left: Arhats Kalika (Dus Idan) and Vanavasin (Nags na gnas)

Third thangka on the left: Arhats Vajriputra (rDo rje Mohi bu) and Bhadra (bZang po)


Fourth thangka on the left: Arhats Bharadvaja ('Hara dHva dza gsa can) and Kanakavatsa (gSerbehu)


Fifth thangka on the left: Hvashang with the Guardians Virupaksa and Vaisravana

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First thangka on the right: Arhats Bakula and Rahula