Diamonds (Dorje)

Dorje (Vajra)

In Sanskrit, the word vajra means thunderbolt and diamond, in Tibetan, the word dorje means the same. The dorje also refers to a small scepter held in the right hand by Tibetan lamas during religious ceremonies. It is often referred to during religious ceremonies, as it is one of the most important of all Buddhist symbols. Dorje is a commonly used male name in Tibet and Bhutan [10]. It represents masculine vigor, strength of character and divine power, much like the associations made with the thunderbolt. The diamond, by nature is indestructible; it can cut any substance but cannot be cut itself. Ignorance is cut through when one attains the indestructible force knowledge. Similarly, in Buddhist thinking, knowledge is eternal and it can be used to cut through ignorance on the journey to attaining enlightenment.

Detail view of bright red, green, purple and pastel damask clouds diamonds sitting within squares

Full View of Dress

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Description of Vajra: