Help page

This is a page where we will keep helpful information about the mechanics of using the wiki. Please help us keep these instructions up-to-date and helpful by editing them as you see fit.

How do I edit a wiki page?
∘ Click "Edit this page" on the top right of any page in the wiki.
∘ Many any changes you want.
∘ Click "Save" on the top right of the editing page to return.

• What's an anchor?
∘ An anchor is a label that designates a spot on a web page and allows you to point your browser at that spot (rather than at the top of the page.)

• I want to label part of my object bio with the anchor "lute". How?
∘ Start editing your page (see "How do I edit a wiki page?")
∘ At the point in your bio that you want to label, enter the following code:
∘ Click "Save" on the top right of the editing page to return.
∘ Now, when you append the label #lute to the end of the address of your page, the browser goes directly to the spot you labeled.

• How do I make a marker on my image that points to the anchor #lute?
∘ Copy the address of the anchor you want to point to, without the "http://" prefix.
∘ e.g.
∘ Click the "add or edit markers" link. The marker popup appears.
∘ At the top of the marker popup, click "Add a marker."
∘ Click on the map where you want the marker to go.
∘ Enter a title for your annotation, and your name, if you wish.
∘ Enter a brief introductory text for the annotation under "Introduction".
∘ In your "introduction", highlight the text you want to link to the anchor
∘ Click the "Link" button (
∘ The link popup appears.
∘ Enter the address ( into the "URL" box.
∘ Click "Submit".
∘ Click "Create and Continue"
∘ Close the marker popup.
∘ Refresh your wiki page. The new marker should appear.