The Prayer Wheel Meditation

"In the prayer wheel meditation, one visualizes in trun each of the sex realms of existence--realms of hell beings, hungry ghosts, animals, humans, demigods, and gods--and in each case one begins by visualizing taking away all of the suffering, negative karmas, disturbing thoughts, and obscurations of all the beings in that realm. As in taking and giving, one begins with taking, enhancing one's feeling of compassion. The primary difference between this visualization and the visualization in the general taking-and-giving meditation is that here, rather than visualizing the dark cloud of negativity coming into oneself, one visualizes it being drawn into the prayer wheel, where it is completely destroyed. And, in the meditation on giving, rather than just visualizing giving away one's positivity, one visualizes giving all beings the beams of light and touch all being in each of the six realms, bringing them to full enlightement. Thus, the prayer wheel meditation is a very practical means for enhancing one's love, compassion, and bodhichitta". (p 7, Wheel of Great Compassion)