Metadata Workspace

This page has been created to assist and document the collaborative brainstorming of fields and sub-fields for the Engaging Digital Tibet search and retrieval page. This page will list the largely agreed upon categories. Each category links to a separate page for discussion/brainstorming.

Time Table

7/14/08- Review wireframes with Lauren, Keisha. Whole group introduced to significant 'To Dos' to accomplish during the week.
7/18/08- Defining main categories milestone. By Friday we should have agreed on the main fields of the search page.
7/21/08- Begin prioritizing first load of objects (quantity to TBD-- this will be trial and error--) and complete their metadata entries. Doing this will clarify the needed sub-fields (for the first round anyway)
7/25/08- Dev environment milestone. The platform should be ready for actual image upload (w/ metadata)

Main Fields

Object Use:

1. Tool
2. Religious
3. Decorative?
4. Medicinal
5. Administrative
6. Agricultural
7. Domestic
8. Monetary
9. Military or hunting


1. lat & long
2. cultural region (e.g. Bhutan, Ladakh, Ngari, Central Tibet, Kham, Amdo, Mongolia, China, Himalaya)
3. specific location like temple, museum, etc.


1. All Dates
2. <15th
3. 15th
4. 16th
5. 17th
6. 18th
7. 19th
8. 20th


1. Silk
2. Wood
3. Bronze
4. Copper
5. Cotton
6. Silver
7. Gold
8. Iron
9. Clay (or unfired clay or unglazed clay or red clay or earthen clay? -- how to distinguish from porcelain?)
10. Porcelain
11. Stone
12. Bone
13. Horn (is 'horn' the same as 'bone'?)
14. Shell
15. Leather
16. Wool



Agent: (LH added this after a brief discussion with Keisha today. It seems worth considering -- note that the painting with the eyeglasses mentions a possible creator. Some objects do include a signature -- however rarely.) But, then again, how would this be searchable? And the creator in the eyeglasses-case was the painter, not the creator of the eyeglasses themselves.)

Associated Tibetan Glossary: